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Along with the development of virtual technology, now many sites that provide various types of games interesting. Online gaming seems to be a nice choice of Internet users from around the world to spend leisure time on the sidelines of the busyness that has accumulated. One of the interesting sites worth visiting are the skill games. On this website, you can choose different types of games that match the tastes, such as action, Adventure, Board Games, Casino, Customize, Dress-Up, Driving , Education, Fighting, Jigsaw, Multiplayer, Puzzles, Rhythm, Shooting, Sports, or Strategy. Skill games will pamper you with various types of games interesting. So you can be recognized as a reliable player online game, your bus to register, upload avatars, save scores, then meet friends.

You who happen to like adventure games, you can choose different types of games interesting, such as the Cheat Master, Treasure of Cutlass Reef, Escape, Sleepless Knight – Assassin, sea world, Weirdville, Lola’s Archery Lessons, Rocket Launch, Bowja 3 – Ninja We, Shoot The Bats, or Steal the Crown and Escape 3. What is interesting? Just take your time a minute to play Bowja 3 – Ninja us. Through this game, you are invited to perform an important mission adventure and thrilling from a ninja named Bowja who must destroy the evil Yokai. Through this game, you as if transformed into the actual figure Bowja ninja.

You want your children are able to develop intelligence and fantasy? You can choose categories of educational games, such as Steal the Crown and Escape 3, Chemistry quiz, Bee Jigsaw: My Pony, Concrete Basement Escape 3, Steal Gold And Escape 6, No Exit 2: The Classroom Escape, collapsed House Escape 2, Monsters Go Up , Number Lines, or Lemon Rice Cooking. Of the various types of existing education game, you can choose, for example Steal the Crown and Escape 3. Through this game you do infiltrate into the castle, explore, solve puzzles to get ancient crown for your collection, then escaped! Indeed, an online adventure game that is fun and you can do it for free, no charge. Likewise, Steal Gold And Escape 6. This game is a new episode of Steal Gold And Escape point and cllick adventure / escape room type game series. Your task is to search for gold That Is hidden in the underground. It’s really a fun game, educate, and able to develop children’s fantasy.

Of course there are many interesting games that you can choose to pamper your taste. How? You interested? Please slide to the skill games. Satisfy your instincts play there! ***


Penggemar wayang kulit, gendhing dan langgam klasik, serta penikmat sastra. Dalam dunia fiksi lebih dikenal dengan nama Sawali Tuhusetya. Buku kumpulan cerpennya Perempuan Bergaun Putih diterbitkan oleh Bukupop dan Maharini Press (2008) dan diluncurkan di Pusat Dokumentasi Sastra H.B. Jassin, Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta, pada hari Jumat, 16 Mei 2008 bersama kumpulan puisi Kembali dari Dalam Diri karya Ibrahim Ghaffar (sastrawan Malaysia).


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