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Today, advances in technology are happening so fast. Already many advanced technologies found to facilitate human work with maximum results. Similarly, technological advances in the field of handicrafts. The Cricut Expression, for example, offers the sophistication, innovation, and a variety of convenience in designing the craft with a perfect result.

The Cricut Expression is a new way exciting and innovative to cut letters, shapes, and phrases in impressive sizes using the 12 “x 12” mat or the new 12 “x 24 “mat. The possibilities are endless with this larger machine, allowing you to create bigger die cuts for vinyl, scrapbook layouts, classroom decor, Signs, posters and so much more. The Cricut Expression comes with 3 full content cartridges and the Design Studio Software. Deliberately presented to assist you in creating works of creative and innovative in the field of handicrafts.

CricutCricut Expression This bundle includes: A brand-new factory-sealed Expression machine, Plantin Schoolbook font cartridge, Accent Essentials shape cartridge, sampler shape cartridge Cricut, Design Studio software, 1 12×12 cutting mat, and Manual. With the Cricut Expression you cans: Mix and match creative features in the Same cut, Use the entire library of existing Cricut cartridges Cut portrait or landscape, Use mat sizes 12 “x 12” or 12 “x 24”, No Computer Necessary, Change settings Such as language and units of measure, and View the New LCD screen That shows exactly what you’re typing for your next cut. By using the on-screen cutting mat, you cans design your unique cutting layout by moving, reorganizing, rotating, resizing, skewing, and welding letters, shapes, and phrases from any Cricut cartridge available. Easily save your one-of-a-kind layouts for later use or to share with others.

With a choice of various cartridges that allow you to work in a creative and innovative with an outstanding work beyond expectations. Cricut DesignStudio includes an electronic collection of every image found Within the Cricut cartridge library. Simple and quick keyword searches allow you to search through the 1000s of images available to find That perfect letter, shape, or phrase That earnest transform your project into a new stunning creation! Online updates keep Cricut earnest Also supplied with any new DesignStudio That changed from the content available, letting you explore the latest and greatest Cricut cartridges. It’s amazing, is not it?
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